Meet Tara

My philosophy:
EAT SLEEP MOVE LOVE – The recipe to a delicious lifestyle

My healing philosophy is based on a core method that inspires you to EAT nourishing and delicious food, SLEEP at least 6 hours every night, MOVE to stay flexible and strong, LOVE to nourish your soul.

My long Journey to Wellness

Since childhood, I’ve had two passions: good food and alternative healing. I love to travel, so I pursued studies in Foreign Languages.

Throughout my life, I’ve been keenly interested in alternative healing. My mother introduced me to herbal remedies during my childhood. After my son’s birth, I delved into Kinesiology, Reflexology, and Meridian Massage. I prefer holistic and natural practitioners over traditional doctors.


When my daughter was three, she experienced digestion issues, chronic bronchitis, and vomiting after eating. Frustrated with the antibiotics and antihistamines prescribed by her pediatrician, we turned to a natural practitioner. They diagnosed gut parasites and suggested dietary adjustments, which led to improvements in her health and behavior. This experience prompted me to reconsider the role of modern Western medicine in my family’s well-being.


My love for cooking comes from my talented grandmother, who prepared delicious and wholesome daily meals. Meanwhile, my father and aunts introduced me to the exotic and comforting flavors of Persian cuisine, where the scent of Basmati rice is pure delight.

During my years abroad, I savored the fresh and sun-kissed dishes, embracing the Mediterranean diet. This diverse culinary journey, blending homemade cakes, Oriental influences, and Mediterranean ingredients, fueled my passion for offering organic, seasonal, and local ingredients.

To balance work and family life, we decided to move to Bali with our children. Our focus shifted from business to family. It turned into an unforgettable two-year adventure, during which I had the privilege of exploring Bali’s vibrant local markets, discovering its culinary treasures.

The culinary richness of Bali was a delightful experience. I roamed its colorful markets, sampling new and fascinating dishes, and immersing myself in the culture.

Returning to the corporate world was initially interesting and enjoyable, with pleasant colleagues. However, after about a year, things took a turn. I began to struggle with daily life and work, experiencing sleepless nights, memory lapses, and anxiety. I turned to coffee and cookies for comfort, resulting in a weight gain of 25 pounds in just three years.

At home, I grew moody and intolerant, overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility for everything. The burden of mental overload became too much to bear.

I faced health issues too. My periods were extremely heavy and lasted for weeks, leading to anemia. I suffered from recurring migraines, sudden tinnitus in the office, and painful knee joints, making it hard to stand up. Often, my whole body ached like I had the flu.

I sought help from various specialists, spending a lot of money and getting a misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia. None of them, not even my gynecologist, mentioned perimenopause. I had some inkling about changing periods signaling menopause, but I didn’t realize there could be so many other symptoms beyond the well-known hot flashes.

I began questioning my life. Was I truly enjoying my current life? I felt isolated, missing my old friends and genuine female support.

Doubts arose about my job and its alignment with my purpose. The call for change became undeniable. But as I approached my fifties, how could I turn my dream into reality, connecting my passion for cooking, knowledge of alternative healing, and cross-cultural experiences?

In my quest, I discovered the answer, and studied and graduated as a Holistic Health Coach in Integrative Nutrition. This enabled me to bring all these aspects together under one roof.


Ralph Waldo Emmerson

In just a few months, I transformed my diet, adopted regular exercise, shed weight, and gained energy. Most of my health issues improved as a pleasant bonus.

This journey taught me the importance of holistic health, especially during menopause. It inspired me to help women facing similar challenges, aiming for happiness and well-being. I specialized in gut health and delved into Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post Menopause.

My mission was clear: to support women through the challenges of Perimenopause and Post Menopause, providing a positive, enriching experience. I wanted to spare them the mental and physical rollercoaster I had endured, offering a safe space where they are heard and taken seriously.

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