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This eBook focuses on the importance of nutrition during menopause, including which foods to eat and avoid to manage symptoms and reduce risks.

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    "Nutrition During Menopause" is a helpful guide for women going through menopause, providing a well-researched list of foods to eat and avoid. The author does a good job of explaining the hormonal changes and how to balance them through diet. The meal plans were also useful. Highly recommend it

    Feng Mian

    Chicago, IL

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    Nutrition During Menopause: What to Eat and What to Avoid" is an eBook that provides a comprehensive guide for women during menopause. It covers the hormonal changes that occur during this time and how they affect the body, providing a detailed list of foods that are beneficial and those that should be avoided. The book also includes information on how to balance hormones through diet and includes meal plans. It serves as a valuable resource for any woman looking to improve her health during menopause.